If you are reading this you may be one of the millions of Americans who have "hit the wall" caring for an elder loved one. You responded with love to someone in need. As time passes, you come to realize that the practical reality and scope of the job are greater than you imagined. You are juggling your job, your home life, your personal interests and activities, along with the care of your elder. Elder care is not just another activity; it is a major undertaking. We know this from personal experience as family caregivers and we know that this kind of care includes many unforeseen responsibilities. And for many, there is no back-up or alternate caregiver.

Pin Oak is truly a family.
Our very first client, Jane's mom.
Pin Oak Caregivers was founded by people who are and have been family caregivers. We have traveled this road and found we could not do it alone. We have sought and hired outside help. Through our personal struggles we have come to believe that help is necessary, but the process can be frustrating and unsettling. If you need In-Home Senior Care or any type of Elder Care please contact us. We know we can help you and be with you throughout your journey.

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