Check-In Visits

Sometimes all that is needed is a check-in visit or a visit to help someone take a bath. Pin Oak Caregivers offers short visit packages starting at three 4-hour visits per week. An example might be the clearest way to illustrate this service.

My mother-in-law lived a long way away from us so we were only able to visit her once or twice a year. She had always been a proper, well-groomed lady who took pride in her appearance and in her home. So we were surprised and saddened one year when we arrived and found her house cluttered and dirty. She had obviously not bathed for some time. She looked disheveled and smelled bad. We got to work tidying up her home and my wife gave her a hot bath. She seemed to brighten up and all was well for the moment. However, what would become of her after we left? She adamantly refused to move to any type of assisted living community. And frankly, she was capable of living on her own for the most part. We talked to the neighbors and made numerous calls to various groups we thought could help. Finally, we found an experienced woman from a local agency who came twice a week to bathe her and tidy up the house. My mother-in-law came to look forward to her visits. She and her home were clean when we arrived the following year.

Eventually, we had to increase the frequency of visits but this was still the lowest cost solution that both allowed her to remain at home and ensure that someone was actively looking after her.

If your situation is similar to mine, Pin Oak Caregivers will be glad to serve you. We will also actively keep you informed through both oral communication and telephony of your loved one's status.

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