Service Details

Pin Oak Caregivers assists your loved one to live with independence, dignity and pride of self. Many of our elders need assistance with simple activities of daily living. A helping hand with these tasks can be the difference between a day of frustration and a day of ease and comfort. And in the long run, these services may allow your elder to remain at home.

We help the elderly with these and many other tasks:

Bathing and Dressing

Good hygiene and cleanliness is important for infection control and for an overall sense of wellbeing. Some seniors require our caregivers to provide a bed bath, shower, or tub bath while others just need someone close by in the event assistance is needed. Caregivers can also smooth the way for elderly who have trouble with buttons, zippers, shoes, reaching and stretching into clothes.


Shampoo, hair care, oral hygiene and denture care, routine skin and nail careā€”all of these activities are available to our clients.


Assistance to and from the bathroom, peritoneal care, incontinence management are part of our everyday tasks. They are performed with sensitivity and respect.

Meal Preparation

Pin Oak Caregivers can prepare balanced and nutritious meals for our clients, taking into account dietary restrictions and personal taste. We understand that finding the right foods can be difficult for many seniors and we strive to bring back the pleasure of a good meal.

Medication Reminders

Pin Oak Caregivers reminds your loved one that is time to take her medication and ensure she is taking it as prescribed. Taking medication when and how it is prescribed can make the difference between independence and institutional living.

Mobility, Transfers and Positioning

Pin Oak Caregivershelp reduce fall risk by assisting clients with ambulation, transferring to and from the bed or chair, gentle exercising and short walks. We also position and turn limited-mobility and bed-bound patients.

Range of Motion Exercises

We assist patients with range of motion exercises as outlined by their physical therapist or health professional.

Transportation and Errands

Pin Oak Caregivers provide transportation services to our clients. We can transport to doctor's appointments, the beauty salon, the library, religious services, family visits. We can run errands such as grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions or taking the dog to the vet. The caregiver can use her own car, or if you prefer, she may transport you in yours.


Pin Oak Caregivers provide light housekeeping designed to keep your elder safe and comfortable. Although our caregivers are trained as home health aides, senior care often includes light housekeeping duties such as changing linens, laundry, straightening, meal preparation, keeping the kitchen clean and tidy, dusting, taking out the trash, and more.

Homemaking Services

Taking care of the home environment can be increasingly difficult as we age. Pin Oak Caregivers can assist with routine tasks such as watering the plants, feeding pets, getting the mail, adjusting the thermostat, answering the phone and so on.


Companionship should never be underestimated. We all need the human touch, especially the elderly who are prone to depression and loneliness. We may read to your loved one, play games, cards, scrapbook, look through photos, reminisce or what ever provides them with support and meaning. Sometimes, it's just listening.


We strive to improve the well being, rights and autonomy of your loved one by advocating for her in all settings. We ensure your senior is getting timely, appropriate and sensitive treatment in the home, the hospital, rehabilitation facility or living community. In our role as advocates we may ask questions and take notes at the doctor's office, ensure timely assistance in the hospital or nursing home, or monitor situations where she could be taken advantage of or preyed upon.


Family reunion? Wedding? Holiday? We are pleased to accompany your loved one for travel within the state, country, or outside the United States.

Tube Feeding

Although our license does not permit us to flush or change feeding tubes (these activities must be performed by a licensed professional), our caregivers are trained in tube feeding.

Empty Drainage Bags

Pin Oak Caregivers are trained to empty catheter, ostomy and drainage bags.

Hospice Support Care

Our Pin Oak Caregivers can provide an extra level of comfort and quality of life in your loved one's final months, weeks and days. We are trained in Hospice care and philosophy. We work in tandem with your Hospice provider, coordinating care that is sensitive to the special needs of each family.