In-Patient Care

Pin Oak assists people who are in a facility, either temporarily or on a long-term basis. The facility may be a hospital, long term care unit, rehabilitation center or skilled nursing home.

Reasons for our services in these environments include:

  • Advocacy
  • Risk of fall
  • Agitation
  • Monitoring conditions that require continuous support
  • Assistance to the bathroom
  • Short walks, range of motion exercises
  • Loneliness

Some of our clients are family members who routinely provided these services but who became burned out, had over-riding outside demands, or became sick themselves. Pin Oak caregivers work any shift, day or night and perform any number of services.

The elderly almost always benefit from companionship during a difficult or confusing situation. Some have wounds, a broken bone or injuries that require the patient to avoid, or remain in, certain positions. Our caregivers can help ensure that your loved is positioned correctly when left alone in a hospital bed.

Nurses and staff members in facilities have heavy workloads and cannot always respond quickly to every call. Our caregivers are there to handle many non-medical issues to avoid the frustration of long waits for simple needs, such as dialing a phone, adjusting the TV, getting a pair of glasses, getting to the restroom safely, or getting water. If there is a critical situation, our caregivers can communicate quickly to facility staff to ensure the speediest possible response.

Other services that Pin Oak provides in these setting include: reading to the patient, conversation, listening, watching favorite TV programs together, enjoying music or playing cards. We are there to do any activities that will help reduce stress and help the time pass with as little boredom or stress as possible. All of these services enhance the healing process and improve mental and spiritual well-being.

Pin Oak Caregivers is there to serve your loved one any time, day or night. Following discharge from the facility, we also provide Post-Operative Care on a short-term or long basis.