Live-In Care


When a care provider takes residence with an elderly or frail client, this is generally considered live-in care. Live-in care usually benefits individuals needing someone available around the clock, but who do not require constant supervision. As with all caregivers, a live-in caregiver assists in all of the activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, toileting etc.) as well as any task specifically requested by the client. These tasks are provided during waking hours; however, the caregiver is also on call at night if assistance is needed. Assistance during the night may consist of getting safely to the bathroom, medication assistance, or getting something from the kitchen.

Live-in caregivers work in 24-hour-shifts for up to several days at a stretch. They work in teams so that each caregiver can have some time off during the week. Live-in care is less expensive than full time hourly care because the caregiver is provided a room and sleeps at the same time as the client.

Live-in care differs from hourly around-the-clock care in a number of ways. Live-in care is not suited to individuals who are up at night, agitated, tend to wander, or are extremely ill. Indeed, any condition or situation requiring constant observation and attentive nighttime monitoring is not appropriate for live-in care. In these cases hourly care is indicated.

For example, Mrs. Smith was 92 years old and in surprisingly good health. She was living alone but ambulatory, very lucid and even slept in her upstairs bedroom. We started care with eight hours a day. Her family wanted her be free from meal preparation, potential loneliness and worry about groceries and other errands. Her family also wanted someone on hand in the event of a fall or a medical emergency. As Mrs. Smith's health waned, the family asked us to provide around-the-clock care. Mrs. Smith was an ideal candidate for live-in care since she routinely slept through the night, allowing the caregiver to sleep at the same time. If Mrs. Smith needed her at night the caregiver was nearby and on call.

Pin Oak Caregivers specializes in live-in care. Our live-in caregivers become valued companions, almost like family.