Post-Op Care

Post-operative care is short term care that Pin Oak Caregivers provides for ambulatory individuals who have had any surgery requiring anesthesia. Examples are day-surgeries, extensive dental work and elective surgeries.

Recovery from an operation or procedure takes time and experience shows that there is no place like home to speed the healing process. When the patient is able to come home but still needs some assistance, a Pin Oak caregiver can pick you up, take you home and stay with you until you are able to function without help. This service can free family members from leaving their daily routines for "pick-up" service.

During the healing process we assist with non-medical post-operative care as directed by the physician. Some examples of non-medical post-op care include picking up prescriptions; insuring medication is taken on a timely basis, bathing and dressing, hydration, meal preparation, errands, return visits to the doctor. Our services are available for as little as four hours.

Here is an example of a typical Post-op client:

Vera had shoulder reconstruction surgery and was unable to bathe, dress herself or drive. She had pre-arranged for Pin Oak Caregivers to meet her at the hospital, take her home and care for her.

During the first few days of after-care, we stayed with Vera 24 hours. We had her prescriptions filled, made sure she was taking them as prescribed, prepared meals, bathed her and helped her get dressed. We shampooed her hair, answered the phone, collected the mail and other daily routines she was unable to do during recovery. Within a week Vera was able to perform many of these tasks herself and our time with her gradually diminished. At the end of several weeks, we were just doing check-in visits to bathe her and take her to her doctor appointment.