Temporary or Respite Care

Anyone with hands-on responsibility for a frail elder needs a break occasionally, if not regularly. Respite care is an arrangement in which a substitute caregiver stands in for the family caregiver on a temporary or regular basis. This may mean we provide care while your family takes its annual vacation, or come every Wednesday when you have a "date night" or book club.

Because we are family caregivers ourselves we understand how demanding it is to be completely responsible for another person. We know that caregiving makes it difficult for you to tend to your own needs and at times may overwhelm your personal reserves. You have probably put yourself in second place more times than you care to remember.

Perhaps you believe that you are the only one who can oversee your senior's care. You may be afraid that she will throw a fit if you leave, or have a stroke or other emergency in your absence. Or if you're like me, the idea of accumulating and transmitting the mass of detailed information required to hand over care seems like more work than not taking a break. These thoughts are normal and understandable. You may be worried, your elder may be furious and it may seem overwhelming; but you need to do it.

Regularly scheduled time off, whether for a few hours, an entire day, a weekend, or a whole week can boost your mental and physical well-being and postpone premature institutionalization of your elder.

Pin Oak Caregivers has a roster of highly experienced caregivers that can give you time off with peace of mind. We are old hands at stepping in when families need time away. More often than not, the elder bonds with the caregiver and begins to look forward to visits.

We welcome the opportunity to help you, whether it's for a few hours, days or weeks. If you need us on a temporary on ongoing basis, we are here. We provide a wide range of services including bathing, dressing, meals, medication reminders, bathroom assistance, handling phone calls, collecting the mail and more. In this setting, our caregivers act as sitters with wide-ranging skills and capabilities.

We provide friendly companionship while you are away to minimize any separation anxiety. As appropriate to each individual, we stimulate conversation, hobbies, light exercise, or other activities that will nourish your loved one's spirit.

We are available from 4 to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are flexible not only in terms of time, but also location.

Pin Oak's caregivers are all bonded, insured and experienced. We select our caregivers based not only on their experience, skills and professional reliability, but also on their positive attitudes in all interaction with clients. We deliver care in a compassionate and loving manner that upholds the rights and dignity of your loved one.

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