Transportation and Travel

Travel for the elderly or impaired is often difficult or impossible without assistance. You might have an elderly parent or grandparent you would love to see present at a special event, such as a wedding or a reunion, but find that she is unable or unwilling to travel alone. Here at Pin Oak Caregivers, we make this possible by providing an experienced caregiver who will meet your loved one at the point of origin, whether she is leaving from Houston or traveling to Houston, and escort her through every step until the final destination is reached.

Some families are more comfortable traveling with their elder if she is accompanied by a Pin Oak caregiver. This frees family members from the anxiety of constant oversight and allows them to enjoy the journey and the destination activities.

This service includes both domestic and international travel as well as travel by plane, car, train, or boat. Our caregivers lift the burden of finding parking, navigating check-in and security, finding the correct port of exit (like the gate at the airport), handling luggage, and ensuring safe arrival at the destination.

Our service is designed to alleviate the anxiety and stress of both the traveler and her family members. Since we are experienced caregivers, we are able to help with most any problem that may arise. We are aware of what steps to take in the event of a medical emergency. Beyond the logistics of travel, we provide companionship, explanations, and conversation to make the trip pass as peacefully and enjoyably as possible.

If you want or need your senior loved one to travel but are concerned about her safety and wellbeing, please contact us for a consultation. We are happy to help you in any way that we can.