One-on-one care is the best care. At Pin Oak Caregivers, we give one-on-one attention and care–not only with the essential activities of daily living, but with activities that enhance your loved one’s over-all wellbeing. This may include conversation, games, outings, reading, walks and so on. Home care is the kind of care and attention rarely provided in a group setting.

Most seniors want to stay in their own homes as they age, and in-home care makes that possible. Home care is available wherever your family member resides, be it a private home, independent or assisted living community, hospital, etc. (COVID-19 restrictions may be in place at some live-in communities.)

Our process begins with developing a care plan tailored to your loved one. Besides the basic activities of daily living, the care plan may include details such as hair salon on Tuesdays or a cheeseburger every Saturday. Service hours range from weekly visits to full-time or live-in care. Click here to learn more about our live-in services.
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