Facilities are rarely staffed with enough attendants, especially at night. Our caregivers advocate for your loved one to avoid the frustration of long waits for simple needs, such as getting to the restroom safely, reaching for a pair of glasses, getting water, adjusting the TV or dialing a phone. If there is a critical situation, our caregivers will communicate quickly to facility staff. Pin Oak caregivers can work any shift, day or night, and perform any number of services.

Reasons for our services in these environments include:

  • Advocacy
  • Risk of fall
  • Agitation
  • Monitoring conditions that require continuous support
  • Assistance to the bathroom
  • Short walks, range of motion exercises
  • Loneliness

If your loved one is in a temporary or long-term facility, including hospitals, rehab or skilled nursing facilities or long-term care units, Pin Oak can help.
(COVID-19 protocols may apply.)