Live-in care is for individuals who need someone available around the clock, but who do not require constant supervision. As with all caregivers, a live-in caregiver assists in all the activities of daily living during waking hours. The caregiver is also on call at night if assistance is needed, including getting safely to the bathroom and medication assistance.

Live-in care is not suitable for individuals who are up numerous times at night, agitated, tend to wander, or are extremely ill. Any condition or situation requiring constant observation and attentive nighttime monitoring requires hourly care. Live-in care is less expensive than full-time hourly care because the caregiver requires six to eight hours of sleep per night in order to be refreshed and alert during the day.

Over the years, Pin Oak Caregivers has cultivated a specialty in live-in care. This type of care helps families preserve resources while providing a stable home life. Our live-in caregivers become valued companions, almost like family.